Systemic Supervision

Supervision is a useful technique for tackling professional and work-related hurdles. It can be applied to analyzing professional decisions and strategies that no longer function, unmet expectations in one’s role, dysfunctional or counterproductive work processes and communication between you and colleagues, within a team, between managing directors, executives or area managers or to your customers and clients. These issues are discussed and examined in order to work out perspectives and options for positive changes.

The goal of the supervision process is to equip you with an expanded range of actions and thus increase the quality of your work and sense of fulfillment in your professional life.

In a preliminary discussion, I will work out the specific goals of the supervision with you or your team. Having a clear goal will enable you to keep track of its progress and successful completion. At this preliminary stage, we can also decide whether other formats of consultation, such as mediation, coaching or organizational change management should complement the supervision.

The goals of a supervision can be, among others:

  • Reflect on your professional role and expectations of the job description
  • Develop and strengthen your role
  • Define your available resources and options
  • Develop new professional perspectives
  • Activate skills effectively
  • Define the structures, requirements and boundaries of your work area
  • Examine the cooperation, communication and change processes within a team
  • Motivate a team to achieve conflict-resolution and cooperation
  • Examine and evaluate how customers and clients are handled

Types of Supervision:

Individual Supervision / Coaching (ca. 90 min. sessions)

The focus of this supervision is you and your personal and professional issues, for example, defining your professional role, designing and planning career steps,
examining and solving difficult decisions.

Team Supervision (ca. 3 hours per session)

Examine and determine issues of cooperation and communication within the team and understand its environment. Awareness of structures and, where appropriate, possibilities for structural changes, or reexamination of concepts and rules.

Case Supervision (ca. 90 min. sessions)

Case supervision is focused on how handling your clients and costumers.

Cost and Duration:

Please arrange a non-binding preliminary talk with me at:

Cinzia Friedlaender